Here are links to other sites that support and contribute to the well being of however many dogs you have in your household:

The author, Debby McMullen’s, business is Pawsitive Reactions LLC, and her website can be found here.

Join the How Many Dogs?! Yahoo Group. This group is for multiple dog homes who would like to discuss the joys and pitfalls of having multiple dogs. The list was created it because of my book’s release but you do not need to have read the book to join the group. We only subscribe to positive reinforcement training methods here. Discussions of force-based training methods will not be permitted.

The publisher, Tanacacia Press, is co-owned by Pete Smoyer and his wife Ali Brown. How Many Dogs!? and other books and DVDs from Tanacacia Press can be found on the Reactive Dog website,

Ali Brown’s business, Great Companions LLC, has it’s own website.

Pete Smoyer also creates visual media for business presentations. His company is e-Production.

Dogwise is the distibutor for the book, How Many Dogs?! as well as Ali Brown’s book on running a reactive dog class, Focus Not Fear, and her primer on reactive dogs, Scaredy Dog!. Book sellers and those looking to purchase books in quantity should click here to contact for more information.

This is a fun & humorous look at life with 2 dogs and 2 cats.

For wearable dog art and other fine artwork from the Art of Rescue Dogs website please visit or Save a life, adopt don’t shop.

HAPPY DOG DUDS offers custom made dog collars. Our collars are constructed of sturdy nylon webbing, heavy duty plastic and metal hardware. They are decorated with novelty jacquard and grosgrain ribbon.

FOUR LEGGED SCHOLARS Johanna Teresi, Owner/Trainer. Positive Reinforcement training in Salt Lake City, Utah