Animal Wellness

Animal Wellness Magazine

December/January 2011

Volume 12 Issue 6

What’s better than one dog? How about two, three or even more? Problem is, when you adopt more than one canine companion, behaviorial problems and conflicts can sometimes arise within the “pack”. According to dog trainer Debby McMullen, living in harmony with multiple dogs hinges on positive reinforcement training techniques, proper living space management, and good feeding habits.

In How Many Dogs?!, Debby shows you how to add new dogs to your household without creating friction. She covers topics such as group training, walking and exercise, playtime, and resolving issues with problem dogs — all based on positive training techniques. Find out how to become the belevolent leader of your pack, safely diffuse tense situations between dogs, and maintain mealtime manners. There are even tips on how to help your dogs cope with the loss of one of their companions.

Whether you have two dogs or ten, this book will help you keep the peace and ensure a happy and secure pack.