Training Methods

Positive Reinforcement Training for Multiple Dogs

You will not find any force-based training or harsh management techniques in How Many Dogs?! What you will find is a completely natural and positive way to manage a multiple dog household effectively.

In nature, the alpha wolf is a benevolent leader, never needing to use force or violence to communicate. He shares his resources and he understands that everyone works together. Your dogs need your benevolent leadership. They need and want to look to you for direction and limits. And they want to respect your decision making. You’ll learn techniques in How Many Dogs?! that make will make compliance with your wishes the most fun experience in the universe for your dogs.

Establishing a relationship built on trust is explained clearly in How Many Dogs?! And if your dogs trust you to provide the resources that they need to be happy, comfortable and safe, they have little reason to fuss and fight among themselves. Being able to have fun with your dogs doing new and unusual things is one of the real benefits of a trusting relationship.

Besides trust, there are some basic things that can help form a good foundation for a calmer multiple dog household. These include good nutrition, regular heart healthy exercise, socialization, training, clear communication and lots of affection and love.

How Many Dogs?! can help you balance your multiple dog household on many levels. Some of the subjects that are covered include

  • Feeding time
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Walking more than one dog at a time
  • Transporting multiple dogs
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Playing
  • Home alone
  • Kenneling
  • Creating calm
  • Training
  • Signs of trouble
  • Fighting
  • Loss and grief
  • Adding a new dog
  • Foster dogs
  • Senior and infirm dogs
  • Training tips


How Many Dogs?! can make your life with multiple dogs much easier. Your dogs will know you’re a better person for reading it.